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LELE(HK) INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED is a reliable and professional wholesale suppliers of Refurbished Mobile phones & Cell phones Patrs & Cell phones cases. Through tremendous effort and extensive experience, our company expanded into the international distribution market and has established a great reputation in the market of refurbished mobile phones, phones accessories and chinese hot products.

Strictly quality control system and advanced management policy, we have developed not only a mature product system but also an excellent service chain. Our high level customer service is a prominent advantage, No Defect on Quality, and No Claim from Customers." Consequently, our customer service department strives to supply all customers with excellent, stable and efficient services. We feel that "Customers' needs are superior" and always respond rapidly to their requests while paying close attention to the changing demands of the marketplace.

At present, our company has compiled detailed files regarding customer requirements so that we are in a better position to supply products and services that they require. In addition, we are able to process administration tasks with high speed in a bid to hasten the shipment of orders.

As a direct result of gearing our marketing, we are able to offer them the most preferential prices and tailored services. If you are interested in any of our products, or are searching for a supplier to fill your OEM orders, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Contact: Mr Li

Phone: +86-755-66802609

Tel: +86-755-66802609

Email: sales@lele186.com

Add: HuaQiang Plaza HuaQiang North Road FuTian District Shenzhen

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